A ‘Done For You’ Solution to Getting More Email Subscribers Right Now

Upgrade your content with post-specific lead magnets

We will create you lead magnets ranging from checklists, link bundles, How-To/Q & A videos, PDF versions of your post, mini video courses, scripts, swipe files, templates, etc…

Get more mileage out of your great content

We offer a cost-effective way to build and distribute great content. We leverage your best pieces to create “upgraded content” for your website and email list.

Increase conversions XXX% without a/b testing

Content upgrades for specific blog posts receive on average 3x more subscribers than a traditional opt-in form. See the difference with content upgrades.

The #1 Technique For Growing Your Email List

You need to create a lead magnet for EVERY blog post you write. Instead of having one lead magnet for your whole blog, create a very specific bonus each time you write a post. These bonuses  or post specific lead magnets are called content upgrades:


Q&A/How-To Video








Link Bundles






Swipe Files

Content Upgrades Turn Your Readers into More Subscribers

It’s established that growing an email list should be a top priority when building a successful business. You’re smart and already spend time creating a publishing great content for your audience. But how do you get them to subscribe to your mailing list?

You could have great lead magnet and use all the tools; welcome gates when someone arrives, pop-ups when they leave, sidebars, top bars, etc… the problem is that one lead magnet cannot reach every kind if visitor that you get. When you offer visitors something that’s a perfect fit for why they came to your site, they’re MUCH more likely to opt-in. XXX% more likely.

Post specific lead magnets are the #1 to increase conversions and grow your subscriber list. OptimizedPrime Content Upgrade Done For You Service, has got you covered.

Increase Conversions XXX% Without A/B Testing

Content upgrades convert on average 3x more than a traditional opt-in form.

Integrated System

You shouldn’t have to do any more coding than you need to. We will integrate everything into your website and email service.

Superb Lead Magnet Creation

Instead of offering readers something vague — like free updates — we create a valuable resource that is unique to each blog post.

Save Time

It’s already a struggle to produce high quality content. Why spend another 1-2 hours to create the upgrade and do the install? We’ll do it for you.

Okay, I want to grow my email list… How much?

One-Time Lead Magnet Creation

$49/ month

  • 1 Lead Magnet
  • Email Integration
  • Website Integration
  • Done For You

Advanced Package

$99per month

  • 3 Monthly Lead Magnets of Your Choice
  • Email Integration
  • Website Integration
  • Done For You

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If we do not  increase your email sign ups, we will refund that month’s money. Cancel anytime.